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from lab bench to patient’s bedside,

We are a biotechnology platform committed to bring insights to researchers and companies.

Fast track research validation and cure to patients.

Unlocking human cell atlas with our platform powered by machine learning

Single-cell atlases promise to provide a ‘missing link’ between genes, diseases and therapies. Our platform speeds up the analysis of the mechanisms of disease at the cellular and tissue levels and can use this understanding to develop powerful disease diagnostics; identify promising new drug targets; predict their efficacy, toxicity and resistance mechanisms; and empower new kinds of therapies, from cancer treatments to regenerative medicine.

Partnering with industry leaders to redefine life sciences in the future

Our platform supports established research institutions and biotech companies to map and analyze cell atlasing, tissue phenotyping, cell-cell interactions, cellular processes, and biomarker discovery.   Our AI models process big, high-quality data to provide scientists with a new and more informed lens through which to interpret their research.

Pushing the boundaries of future precision Care

An in-depth knowledge of cell types, their internal networks, and cell-cell interaction dynamics in health and disease is crucial for understanding disease pathogenesis and discovering novel therapeutics.  Cell atlases can also provide necessary information to determine therapeutic response at the individual level and predict on-target toxicities.